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Info event at Refugee protest camp Hannover 19.06.2014

20 years after a shot of SEK police officer, who killed Halim Dener, campaign Halim Dener call for solidarity to gather in a big demonstration at 21.06.2014, to exposed another fact of systemathic injustice in Germany. Campain Halim Dener and

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Video: Break this Silence!

    One person in 24th days of hunger strike, 3 person in 12th days, and today, one is get in hospital for medical care after two days in dry hunger strike. And still no politicer shown itself as a

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28 Refugees from protest camp Hannover in Hunger Strike against the deportation of Salah Abdallah

If the memory of German people was not totally erased, can remember the hundreds of news and reports about war and conflict in Sudan, from their own Medias by their own military. Right now exactly those people from that news

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Achtung !!! Depoortation of Salah Counts down ! Deportation is Terror !

    Deportation is Death! Deportation is Murder! Deportation is Terror! Deportation is a fact of racism! Deportation is continuity of Slavery! Salah Abdellah Refugee from Sudan will be deport at early morning 12. 06.2014. Since 26 of may he

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Refugee Protest Hannover
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