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معسكر الاحتجاج مدينة هانوفر

بيان من معسكر اللاجئين السودانين في مدينة هانوفر الالمانيه نحن اللاجئين والناشطين السودانين من مقيم الاحتجاج الذي انشا خصيصاً للاحتجاج ضد جرائم المؤتمر الوطني ومليشياته المسلح في السودان نرفض ونستنكر كل جرائم الحكومه في دارفور وخاصةً زرع الفتنة بين القبائل

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Gestoppt Rassismus

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يدعوكم المخيم للمشاركة باقتراحاتك من اجل تطوير المخيم او الكام وذلك في الفترة من 14.3.2015 حتي 21.3.2015 ونرجو من الاخوة الاتحاد من اجل تحقيق الأهداف التي من أجلها اقيم المخيم او الكام .


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Information about sudan

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(I have heard enough and had enough and waited enough Roant all kinds of humiliation and marginalization, now if Sudan becomes a country’s security completely revert to the national lesson and I work and live a normal life and I Sudan in problems that prevent live in this Alzogan country in many -ethnic and multi-tribal Therefore wars in Sudan is not easy to control what the president is a war criminal and a serial killer and the governor of weapons this from Sudan, either in German you have material you talk about human dignity, a material one means of this Article his rights the most important thing which is above all else Ahz in your constitution if Where are the human dignity if you respect human rights and respect the law of any such human dignity, Is human dignity if you admit that the foreign person I’ll wait for eleven months was in order to respond to the word no or yes is the talk that I do not get an education, but After the post of you and I, despite this I will learn I curser or not, but I promise to Dsturk and see again in every constitution or articles that you have find Nevsl not apply, not even fifty percent, I am now someone activist for I am back on Sudan to one Nimeiri or Sadiq al-Mahdi at least not surrendered despite the difficult circumstances and mental and political in Germany and if Sudan becomes a country’s security I will go to Make of my family generation schools and conscious knows how to fit Sudan I will return to the sea as I came to the sea do not want anything from you Sawa I’m learning just .talmt here in Germany who do not respect the law does not respects and you you should Thtermu Dstrkm or materials are in place for yourselves Finally thank you and welcome Germany

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