From police direction Hannover 11.11.2014 :

From police direction Hannover 11.11.2014 :
Police investigation in case of sedition
Some people of the right scene made problems yesterday at the Weißekreuzplatz and in the Innercity. They shouted racist slogans and racist taunts. The police investigate of four people , three 32 years, one 40 years. The police investigate the suspicion of sedition.
Some police officers get called on Monday afternoon, because of a destroyed poster at the Weißekreuzplatz. When the reached there, they saw a waiting car, in which the three person, where sitting, they had in suspect.
While investigation the police officers get to know, that this three person in this car, who also were boozed, made problems on this meeting terrain. They insult the people with also racist slogans and after this they destroyed one thematically fabric poster. While leaving on the Friesenstraße/Sedanstraße they shouted out some more insults and also slogans of sedition. One of them made the Hitler salute.
After taking the personal data of this three persons, this persons are not allowed anymore to go on the meetingcamp Weißekreutzplatz!
Not much hours later one of this three persons, together with some 40 years old men insults a 18 years old girl with migration background and two friends of her at Bahnhofstraße. They get a verbal conflict with eachother. One person tried to adjust. But after it, they had a physical conflict, were also other people were involved in.
The young women get hurt through a fist struck. . The two 32, 40 year old person had some simple injuries in their face.
After this, they get arrested the police take them, through judicial arrangement in limited time custody/arrest.

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