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One second Ask one who not sleep at night One Moment Ask one who Need one Moment of warmth One hour Ask one who waiting for message One day Ask one who Sitting Outside in cold of the morning until

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مظاهرات النازين

في السبت 22.11. ستكون مرة أخرى بعض مظاهرة: في Klagesmarkt / ECKE Postcamp سيكون 300-500 النازيين 12-18 صباحا. غدا مظاهرة النازين ونرجو من اللاجئين عدم التواجد في أماكن المظاهرة وعدم التجول ليلا

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From police direction Hannover 11.11.2014 :

From police direction Hannover 11.11.2014 : Police investigation in case of sedition Some people of the right scene made problems yesterday at the Weißekreuzplatz and in the Innercity. They shouted racist slogans and racist taunts. The police investigate of four

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Refugee Protest Hannover
Info : 0152 07645632
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24.05.2014 at 12:00 P.M