Invitation to Demo : “Wo bleibt die Menschlichkeit?,,

German Authorities uses the law to violate our basic human rights through the asylum procedure. We do not know which type of justice which is rejecting to protect the victims of war, armed conflicts and human rights violations.

Not only that, we also see the (legal & organized) hannover police violence against our camp in Weisßekreuzplatz last Wednesday as a signal from officials told us that, German authorities don’t want take their responsibility about the main situation of refugees and demants of protest camp.

This systematic usage of law by the state against refugees should be stopped.

We are condemning and rejecting this way of using law as a tool to violate human rights of refugees.


We call upon all Sudanese , and those who care about the issue of the refugees , to join our demonstration heading to administrator court Hannover,to let our voice to be heard in order to protect our basic rights as refugees and be fixed irreversible and we will not step back … 03.06.2014 , 12:00 P.M , Weißekreuzplatz


Refugee protest camp hannover, prepare for demonstration: '' Wo bleibt die Menschlichkeit!,, 2

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One comment on “Invitation to Demo : “Wo bleibt die Menschlichkeit?,,
  1. بالعزيمه ووحدة الصف نرتقى الى مانصبوا اليه شباب السودان بالمانيا قضية مجتمع

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Refugee Protest Hannover
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24.05.2014 at 12:00 P.M